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Jan 24, 2013 2:00am EST
to be believed in the last three years there is something specific to that environment it didn't happen somewhere else at a different time. can he speak to the scope of the investigation and whether there has been an indication of problems anywhere else? >> i do know and i won't speak for services, but each one of them is the direction of defense committees their military training equivalent program and has reviewed the report we have written on it and looked at the issues we have found as they apply to their system. so i know that there has been a review done by the other services. i cannot speak to what they found as a result of their reviews. >> congressman also come the secretary of defense early in process as general rice to come forward and give him an update unwittingly signing. as a result of the initial update, secretary ordered an assessment of military training for other services that is ongoing and will be delivered shortly. i don't have a delivery date, but the next couple. anything learned from this license are shared. part of the effort initiated mentioned before and will communica
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am EST
for a positive environment that produces results. i ask that you join me in improving proving to the people of south carolina that we are and will be more productive this year. we won't always agree but we should always be willing to respectfully work towards a resolution for the good of the state. the people of our state have enough challenges and they deserve the satisfaction of knowing that columbia is working for them. we have a choice this year. we can spend our time playing politics. we can snipe at each other. we can use the pulpits we all have access to, whether it is the wealth of the distinguished bodies, the microphones on top of a podium to score political points. but i believe our state deserves better. i believe this is the year we can make the people of south carolina proud. by giving them successes on restructuring, on tax relief, on regulatory reform, on strengthening protections in cybersecurity. on healthcare. on education and on raising the bar on the ethics of public officials. it's a great day in south carolina. but it will only continue if we make it so. i, for one, l
Jan 30, 2013 7:30am EST
school environment, moving forward we want to continue to dramatically improve existing schools and give parents the opportunity to choose legitimate alternatives to failing schools. [applause] in addition to transforming education, we must continue to reform government. take a waste, fraud and abuse commission, for example. so far they've identified nearly $456 million worth of savings. [applause] our reforms allow state government to focus on efficiency so taxpayers get great service without needless spending and waste. our reforms also give schools and local governments flexibility to make management choices to improve their communities while saving money. for example be, our technical schools are saving millions of dollars by making simple, common sense changes to instructor schedules and overtime policies. and they're saving money with a program that allows nonviolent jail inmates to do maintenance work like mowing grass and shoveling snow. and much of the work being done is about finding creative solutions to problems faced by the state. several years ago the previous governor clos
Jan 31, 2013 6:00am EST
of environment. we made the decision in the morning well after light. we conducted a strike on the house, and when it hit the target, we're literally watching, i'm sitting there -- my mom -- my stomach's in knots because it was really important to prove what we could do. and, of course, you're worried about collateral damage. civilians, what not. we got the explosion from the bomb, and there's two or three seconds of nothing, we're just sitting there going -- then suddenly secondaries go off, and they go off for about 20 minutes. it's extraordinary what we had hit in that place. that was almost the validation of what we were doing because eventually we learned we could use a combination of things, most notably the full motion video, but also a number of moving target indicators to develop pattern of life, follow people, vehicles and things, identify targets to hit. so increasingly our precision went up. when we went to a place, the percentage of time, you know, which we found and captured or killed our target was extraordinarily high. and it went up the whole war. in august of 2004, my f
Jan 25, 2013 6:00am EST
states to operate in an international environment, and it's clearly a threat to our economic prosperity. and i want to make it clear, nobody on this side of the aisle is talking about default. none of us are talking about default. we're talking about a serious solution going forward with a big problem which is widely acknowledged to be a spending problem. now, several of you made a number of points. mr. casey, you talked about congress having the power of the purse and using it wisely, with discretion to enact spending reforms which are desperately needed. mr. hoagland talked about going back to regular order, something we all believe needs to happen. you also mentioned temporary, extraordinary measures that are currently being used and talked a little bit about prioritization. and i want to bring that up again in a moment. mr. foster, you spoke about process not being a substitute for real policy reforms. we all agree with that. i think both sides could agree with that. but the bottom line is this, we have a spending problem, and we have to also recognize that in the context of how it
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5